My (Professional) Story

Born and raised in Philadelphia, I graduated Lehigh University with a dual-degree in Computer Science & Business.

In 2008, I began a tech consulting startup called Whitemarsh Technology with Joey Nutinsky. We grew this firm to over 1,000 customers in the Philadelphia area.  We built custom webapps, configured network infrastructure, and developed  numerous videos for customers.

A view of Benjamin Franklin—from my first apartment in downtown Philadelphia.

In 2013, I started a music-centric data business with a team of developers and close-friend Donald Scott. We secured funding, partnered with instrument manufacturers, and launched a B2C music matching site, providing accurate product information for 10,000+ products.

That business eventually failed, but we extended the product into the B2B space, building a revenue model from a data integration service we developed.

Endless Tone
Endless Tone harnesses product data to provide accurate information and pricing to customers while leveraging a user-grown knowledge base.
Our B2B service and a showcase of the B2C product can be found at
A video we created to sell customers on Endless Tone.

In 2016, my love for hardware and software led me to enterprise application design and development. I helped build a small 12-person software development company called Capax Global. We built countless custom products, including:

  1. A custom IoT product for construction equipment to predict pricing and share vitals on vehicle health
  2. A smart motorhome project which helped to start the company's IoT practice
  3. Hiring initiatives which scaled our offices to 4x the size
  4. Reinventing numerous data estates (pulling data from dozens of systems into a unified data model and building applications and reports on top)
Some marketing imagery we use for all our SOWs. I'm in the middle.

My role included software architecture, product design, sales, hands-on programming, hiring, acquisition funnel growth hacking, and more.

We grew to 200+ people and were acquired by Hitachi Solutions in January 2019. I spearheaded Hitachi's first Growth Team, with goals of acquiring, converting, and retaining customers and employees. We re-built several of the company's product lineup during my time at Hitachi.

In August 2020, I joined Microsoft as a Program Manager on the Azure team. My Cloud experience from Hitachi helped me secure a role on the Azure Portal team, where I focus entirely on design experiences. I lead teams that serve over 5 million monthly active users across 100+ worldwide regions. My teams are designers, researchers, content experts, and most-importantly, engineers.

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