Dean Kroker

My (Professional) Story

Born and raised in Philadelphia, I graduated Lehigh University with a dual-degree in Computer Science & Business. In 2008, I began a tech consulting startup called Whitemarsh Technology with Joey Nutinsky. We grew

Hurdles to Overcome in AI

Last year, I stumbled upon two successful business models—Chorus and Gong— which provide suggestions to salespeople while they are having conversations. These products listen into conversations a salesperson has with a potential

Designing Growth (Podcast)

Jessica Hawk and I had the pleasure to talk about our Growth Team with Sean Ellis last week. We waxed poetics, talked about some of our biggest challenges, and even discussed referral tactics

Tips From a Cyclist

Just weeks after returning from Australia, the quarantine began. As an extroverted city-dweller, I looked for ways to transform my 1-bedroom apartment into acres of wide open land.