Dean in others words

Dean in others words

Dean is technically capable with a strong design acumen, has an obsession with customers, and is empathetic toward others. But don't believe him!

Below are extracts from recent manager and team reviews. Personally identifiable information such as project details have been omitted.

Partner Manager reporting to a CVP on executive comms and acumen:

Your ability to go deep and understand the project deliverables, dependencies while at the same time painting the North star picture for the team is super helpful. You have excellent management skills and your ability to ensure all the stakeholders were always kept in loop were instrumental in releasing quality releases to our customers.

Dean's manager on Diversity & Inclusion and mentoring others:

It is great to continue to see you involved in different D&I initiative and your commitment to learning about different minority groups. Engagement is a great form or learning.  The mentorship you provided and continue to provide to Arushi and Samantha definitively made a difference to them and has provided a great bedrock for them to build on to be successful in the team. You think of D&I not just in terms of how you work with people and the environment/culture we create but also how we can build this into our products.

New team member of Dean's on welcoming to the team:

You made me feel a part of the team immediately. What impressed me the most is that after seeing the results from the first usability, you were so impelled by the data that you proposed to align the single VM update experience with the Update center experience, despite going to the drawing board again and going extra length to get buy-ins from stakeholders.

Principal Manager on things she admires:

Here is what I admire about you:
1) Extremely creative - as could be seen with the functional spec evolution you were doing for the UX.
2) Inclusive of feedback - I loved the way you valued the feedback of the focus group studies and incorporated it into your design.
3) Solution go getter - there is always time crunch for our projects, but you nailed reaching sound decisions in a timely manner. Like surfacing the error for the pricing... The solution you arrived at was cheap and hit the nail on its head. Fantastic attitude in coming with a solution in no time.
4) Cross-team collaboration - you demonstrated excellent collaboration with the PM team, Dev team, and the v-team with participating in V1 planning and then even giving your inputs for V2 planning.
5) Prioritization - I love the way you prioritize requirements from all ends based on customer feedback.

Dean's manager on team mentality:

In all the projects you drove, you consistently demonstrated strong customer focus and technical depth. When there are setbacks, you are able to quickly react, reassess and mitigate without compromising. You demonstrated ability not only to scale and take on new projects but to scale while continuing to do all the great things to do.

Senior Software Engineer on customer focus and organization:

I know that each time you propose something, it would be a feature that really solves customer pain points. Before you jumped in, it was a nightmare. Nowadays, I am fully confident that the deadline would be reasonable and all partners' preparation would be done.

Dean's manager on empathy:

Your empathy and lively attitude that shows passion and enthusiasm have made it easy to establish rapport and a good working relationship. You are full of enthusiasm to deliver great experience to our customers and are motivated and motivating others as a result.

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