Tech that knows us better than we know ourselves

Tech that knows us better than we know ourselves

"Facebook shapes what 2 billion animals think and feel every day." This is an excerpt from an interview with Yuval Harari—world renound author—and Tristan Harris—Co-Founder & President of the Center for Humane Technology.

The interview argues that authority should be in the opinions and feelings of people, yet there are universal exploits on everyone. Harari claims that "technology is hacking human feelings, behaviors, and beliefs."

1.9 Billion total YouTube users spend an average time of 60 minutes per day. 70% of what people watch during this time are recommendations from YouTube's AI. At this percentage, nearly 4% of these people's waking hours is spent controlled by YouTube's algorithm. But is YouTube's AI used to help people be happier and healthier? Yuval Harari and Tristan Harris are not so sure.

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“The end of the poker face” – Harari and Harris also comment on AI's emerging capabilities, noting certain AI can determine if something is easy or difficult for you just by facing a camera and identifying eye dilation in an individual. "AI camera technology can also measure your heart rate and its variability, determining your stress and happiness levels."

Gloria Mark from UC Irvine has published multiple papers on multi-tasking, attention focus, and digital media use. Digital media use affects people’s mood, stress, and behavior quite significantly.

At a time where technology is on the precipice of identifying our true emotional state, one can't help but question whether now that technology can understand and predict what’s happening inside the body/brain, certain companies and products will also be created to manipulate our body/brain.