How I Can Help

Building connections with others starts and ends with a willingness to help. If you think I can help you personally or professionally, just ask. My personal goals are rooted in building products that are easy to use, in finding unique ways to scale teams, and in solving macro problems.

I have built products in the smart vehicle, music, big data/business intelligence, natural language, and cloud/AI space. I've hired and had the privilege to work with hundreds of engineers, designers, researchers, and marketers.

Feel free to reach out to me if I can help you in any way. If I don't know how to help, I promise I'll be honest and won't try to fake it in order to sound smart ;)

I can provide you help with your

  • product (design, usability, feature prioritization, website copy, etc.)
  • product roadmap, feature ideas, and team scale-out
  • pitch decks
  • sales decks (for products or services)
  • general company strategy
  • any type of written work: resumes, LinkedIn formatting, blog posts, 1-pagers, etc.

I can provide high-level design patterns for

  • IoT and connecting vehicles to the Internet (data pipelines, persistence, aggregation, and UI challenges)
  • Azure automation and architecture practices (.NET, JavaScript, Microservices, new Azure products like Synapse and Arc)
  • Best DevOps practices (environment automation scripting, automated testing, automated build and release)
  • Growth Marketing teams (including measurement platforms, tooling decisions, traditional vs. growth marketing discussions and workshops)
  • Requirements gathering, workshop facilitation, and agile team buildout

I have practical domain expertise in

  • Object-oriented programming
  • Data movement patterns
  • User interface design
  • User experience research
  • Automated testing patterns

I can help you with recruiting by

  • Automating and pre-vetting candidate acquisition via LinkedIn or an Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Designing your interview process soup-to-nuts along with messaging and the measurement platform you use to keep track of your scale
  • Interviewing your first few engineers

I can introduce you to

  • People innovating at big tech companies (Microsoft, Google, Apple, Dropbox, IBM, Hitachi)
  • Leaders in the UX space, in workshop facilitation, in product design
  • Owners of tech startups
  • Business leaders in the Jewish non-profit space
  • Educators at some of the finest universities
  • Anyone in my LinkedIn network