My brother: U.S. Marine to an Orthodox Jew

This is a continuation of How war affects its solders—an interview series between Dean and his brother Ben—today others call him Binyomin—on events that took place before, during, and after Ben's time in the Iraq War.

Spark — Connect using your voice

Hi!  We are super excited to launch Spark to the startup school community. Spark uses 1-on-1 voice conversations to pair people with similar interests—in real-time. 😵 The Problem — Technology, social platforms, and societal

How war affects its soldiers

This is the first interview between Dean and his brother Binyomin on events that took place during the Iraq War. We'll discuss the impact these events have on Binyomin's life. Binyomin is a U.S. Marine who was stationed in Japan, Iraq, and several U.S. locations. He has a wife and five children.

Smart Glasses and Conversational AI

Since social media and the iPhone, our memories have been deteriorating quickly. "More in-person time with friends and family. Less political knowledge, but also less partisan fever. A small bump in one’s